Saturday June 30

Mum spent another day in bed, so I went into town to check things out. Nobody to tell me not to. Small. Really small: post office, some kind of bookstore, a coffee shop, three taverns, gas station, grocery store. Also an arcade. Weird not having Todd along, but it’s not like I’d need a bodyguard in a place like this, even if I was recognized. Which I wasn’t.

So I was playing Space Invaders and this girl jumped in there and landed on me. Dumped a bunch of books and crap. She had an Enquirer. God. She threw it away, which was funny. Like I’d caught her with porn or something. She had no idea who I was. Then her friend came in and said something like, “My God! Trent Yves!”

It was nice in a way. I was almost afraid I’d disappeared when nobody recognized me. I don’t think they watch movies or TV here; I think they just have bear wrestling and log rolling contests. Yeah, yeah. This is what I wanted. Anonymity. Or at least anonymity for Mum. The girl with the Enquirer was cuter than her friend.