Monday July 2

Mum insisted I go out last night so I could be seen in Manhattan. Bryan has to stay out of sight in LA while I’m here. Todd came with me. Mum stayed in the hotel room.

Went clubbing with Randi, who’s here for SNL.  Drank too much. I’m such an idiot. Randi was sitting in my lap and my head was spinning and a bunch of photographers were there. Kenny always says any press is good press.

Spent the morning in bed with an ice pack wondering if someone set a detonator inside my head. Mum’s drinking coffee with vodka while I type this. I hate myself.

Letterman’s tomorrow, so I’d better pull myself together. Can’t stand TV. Forgot Great Expectations, so am filling time by reading Genesis out of the hotel Bible. Mum used to like stuff like this. Garden of Eden is cool.