Wednesday July 4

Letterman Show was brilliant. Mum’s furious. I did the striptease. Dave’s idea, sort of. Well, okay, mostly not. Someone got some video of Bryan and Gwen in the Trentmobile. I okayed it. So now we’re an item.

Papa was going to fly in and didn’t. Too busy with the Cat. I should be happy about that because it gets him out of my face and I don’t have to run interference between him and Mum. Mum went back to bed after he called. I had to do that AIDS fundraiser at the Hilton, so I went without her, which was a good thing. Randi was there, too. And Whitley. He got that Tom Clancy project with Joaquin that I was going for. I’m okay with that; Kenny’s not. Right now I’m watching fireworks from the hotel window and wondering about that girl, Brigitta. Where did she come from? She almost doesn’t seem real.