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Reader Reactions

The Summer of No Regrets is funny and hopeful but also provokes deeper thinking… This book will have you laughing and crying. — Trini, A Book Lover’s Review

…a light, fun, romantic read. I’d recommend this book to fans of Sarah Dessen. — Jess, Gone with the Words

expect the unexpected. And unexpected is a good thing in The Summer Of No Regrets. — Jena, Shorty Says

There was something about Brigitta’s fierce heart… It was honest without being preachy. ..There may be budding romance and crazy capers, but this is no light summer read. — Jessica, Wastepaper Prose

I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. — Tiffany, on Goodreads

When you read this book, you undoubtedly will fall in love with Brigitta. She is, as Luke tells her, a very unique girl. She is true to herself, yet has normal teenaged insecurities. She is impetuous and overwhelmed. She is lovely and wonderful, and she deserves for you to read her story. — Cupcake’s Book Cupboard

This isn’t a typical light summer read, it opened up a bunch of questions and went a lot deeper than just summer flings…I loved that while it went deeper than I thought, it was still a fun and quick read. I definitely recommend this one if you want a fun read with some substance. — Ambur, Burning Impossibly Bright

the sort of book that should top your “to reads” list…there was a depth to this book that I didn’t expect. — Amanda at “Letters Inside Out”

…most memorable. With a really unique protagonist, and situation…
I really liked the way that the religion was handled in this novel. None of it was really preachy, or was forced upon the reader… I found it really interesting to meet different side characters that came from different backgrounds…

As soon as Luke enters the scene in this book, I was so fascinated by him. He’s every other girls dream; tall, mysterious, incredibly good looking, smart. I really didn’t judge Brigitta too much for getting so caught up in their relationship, because I loved Luke! — Dorian, Ester’s Ever After